Meet The Crew

Scott Kingery (President)

Shawn Kingery (Vice President)

Gayle Kingery (Secretary & Treasurer)

Jaime Kingery (Office Manager)

Lucas Rosentrater (Operational Manager)

Judy Kirby (Front Office)

Adrianne Bohne (Front Office)

Roland Sohnholz  (Service)

Mike Hart (Service)

Tom Jenson (Service)

Damon Shields (Driver)

Nate Grivna (Driver)

Jeff Sharp (Driver)

Dean Sherman (Driver)

3 thoughts on “Meet The Crew

  1. Profound gratitude to delivery driver Jeff Sharp for his patience and perseverance in delivering me propane in a challenging situation. I have a difficult, mountainous drive that is unplowable due to rough terrain, a sharp curve at the bottom and is compacted with snow. He spent time and energy to widen the path so that he could get the hose close enough to fill my tank. This took several trials, time and energy to accomplish, it wasn’t easy! And, he did all of this strenuous work with a smile and helpful, positive attitude. I was lucky to meet him today! And, I have enough propane to last me through the next few difficult winter months so I won’t freeze! Thank you, Jeff!

  2. Hassle free service and great communication. We highly recommend Bailey Propane.

  3. It is that time of year again. Time to start thinking about filling the propane tank. It is not the most pleasant of tasks to do. I quite honestly would rather be calling a travel agent to book a Carribean Cruise. At least this year I don’t have to worry about calling a ton of companies. We found Bailey Propane and love them. They have fair pricing and don’t have a lot of the extra fees that the other companies wanted to charge us. I recommend them to everyone that utilizes propane. Great company and the friendliest employees.

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